Subject Re: Q. for _serious dababase developers - app. example, dev. tools
Author jasperpotts
I think what you are looking for is JDNC:


--- In, "S. Radojcin" <cwele@E...> wrote:
> Ok, tx. a lot for answer, I will try hibernate.
> But this is my first db desktop (Java) application, and what I looking
> for is one
> concrete example, which demonstrates the best practices for developing
> such kind of application.
> My previous experience lies in Delphi/C++ world, both of this tools
> haves prebuit db-aware controls,
> and I am litle confused with db desktop programing in Java.
> How to build user interface ? I know that Swing komponents can be
> data-aware , because of his MVC nature
> (JTable haves TableModel,..), but this seems to be a more
complicated to
> develop a complete set of 'SwingDB'
> controls. For example, what about sinhronization, if I have DBGrid
> (~JTable), and a lot of 'single-fields' controls.
> If user moves to another record (using DBGrid), how others sigle-fields
> controls can be sinchronized with this
> new record position ? What is missing is one kind of 'data source'
> controls, which must be the same for all db controls.,
> and retrieves data from database.
> Or, consider the following situation: currently, I have a db table
> foreign key, which points to primary key
> on the same table (auto-referential constraint). And I want to
> display/edit/update/delete and change master key
> (last operation, of course, with mouse moving) -all together - with
> using JTree -like control .
> Can I achieve this goal with standard Swing JTree control and
> (Firebird and JayBird)?
> So, I don't know what should to do first, and what tools should to use.
> And, JayBird haves some own restriction, for example,
> ResultSet.updateXXX() does not work (not implemented) together with
> couple other methods, so , for conclusion, the best thing for me, I
> think, is one demo (but _powerfull demo) db desktop application, that
> uses Firebird/JayBird 1.5.
> ---
> Pure JDBC is not problem, since I currently develop a much much
> project, (alone :-( , and db desktop application is
> just part of this project. But, db application is not my developing
> :-(
> ---
> By the way, I cannot recieve my own messages from this mailing list,
> anyone tell me why ?
> Jasper Potts wrote:
> >I am developing a commercial desktop application in java that uses a
> >database embedded in it. We are currently just moving from pure JDBC to
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> >Subject: [Firebird-Java] Q. for _serious dababase developers - app.
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> >Hi all,
> >I am looking for example of Java database desktop application that
> >JayBird (1.5 or less) and shows the power of Firebird/JayBird
> >
> >Can someone tell me where I can found such kind of example ?
> >
> >-And yet another question : where I can learn more about developing
> >database desktop application /_what _exactly _tools should to use,
> >important:) design of user interface, persistence mechanism , ... some
> >book maybe ?
> >
> >
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