Subject Re: Problems connecting via Jaybird on Linux
Author wegorkie
> or
> CONNECT 'localhost/3050:/mnt/...' ....
Ok, I tried the former and it doesn't work (the first did work ok).
But the message in firebird.log is different:
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 111

> to connect to the fb_inet_server. Though when connecting via inetd
> everything works fine (as well as when connecting without specifying
> and port).
Ok, I don't understand how it is by inetd. How can I use it from JDBC?
I tried to throw out the server/port part from JDBC connection string
in Java program, but the effect is the same (I will try the second
time to be sure).

Maybe I should use SuperServer version, can it solve the problem, what
do you think? I am forced to do it in next few hours - my employer has
given me that time to fix things.

Thanks for help,