Subject Re: Prepared Statement caching
Author rwilcom
I am not sure that is true - can you show me where this is

Most JDBC drivers that provide this functionality do not do it by
default - for example, Oracle's thin JDBC requires an explicit and
proprietary call to instigate PS caching. I am referring to global
caching across opening and closing connections - not just within an
open/close. The JDBC driver must explicitly hold the PS indexed by
the uniqueness of the SQL string - avoiding reparsing and rebuilding.

Where did Roman go?


--- In, Elmar Haneke <elmar@h...>
> rwilcom schrieb:
> > Does anyone know if Prepared Statement caching is supported by
> > JayBird driver? If so, where is it documents - or - how do you
> > it up?
> Prepared statements should be automatically cached if you are
using an
> pooled connection.
> Elmar