Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Does FB support SQL isnull(...) ?
Author Chris Donges
Does that strike anyone else as strange?

I have wondered since I found the wasNull function why there can't be a simple isNull function in the JDBC spec. Would be so much eaiser most of the time. Well, for me anyway.


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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: Does FB support SQL isnull(...) ?

> ... I can't make it work. If it is supported, can someone indicate the
> correct syntax? (I'm looking thru help....)

See javadocs for java.sql.ResultSet.wasNull() method. Main idea is
that first you have to read column value. If the getXXX method returns
non-primitive type (i.e. subclass of java.lang.Object), then you get
null value. But if method returns primitive type (int, long, double,
etc.), you get a default value from the specification (usually 0 or
0.0) and then you have to check value of ResultSet.wasNull() method.


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