Subject Re: another Proble with Embedded Server
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I ' ve tested local-mode with type2.
> Seems to work now, so far i got no more deadlocks.
> Is local mode now 100 % working and threadsafe ?

Well... that's what the field test is for. :) From our point of view
there should be no problem with fblcient.dll, and
fbembed.dll in non-web deployments. It is not clear how behaves in multithreaded environment, more tests will

There is an issue when you deploy JayBird in a web-container. If
firebirdsql.jar is part of the .war file, it is loaded by the
classloader of that web application. In this case we cannot provide
appropriate synchronization across web-applications (static mutex
used to synchronize access is local to the classloder). An workaround
is to put firebirdsql.jar in the lib/ directory of the web server, so
it belongs to the system classloader. In this case appropriate
sychronizaion will be available. Vulcan is going to solve all
synchronization problems.