Subject Re: Is there a limit of connections?
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Is there any limitation related to JayBird?

No. But you have limitations of the JVM itself, for example maximum
heap size.

Answers to your previous questions I do not know. Type of the server,
number of CPU, memory, OS etc. matters. There was something about
20,000 open statements, but I do not know if that is per connection or
per engine. What I know, that it is much more easier to saturate your
JVM than to saturate the server. Assume that each connection executes
in its own thread, last year my JVM was saturated with 80 threads
running multi-user AS3AP suite. There was one more machine running the
same test also allocating 40 connections. Firebird 1.0 CS (2x750 MHz
CPU, 2 GB RAM, SCSI RAID 5, Linux) worked ok with 120 connections and
could handle more load.

So, in order to find the limit you have to have many client machines
and one single server. Take your typical DB, your typical queries and
run tests in parallel.