Subject Re: another Proble with Embedded Server
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> It works But A Querry like this:
> SELECT id, vor_nam, fam_nam, geschl, geb_dat, akl.bez
> akl_id, str, ort, plz, land_id, verein_id,
> email, bemerk FROM meldungen, akl, land, verein WHERE
> meldungen.akl_id = AND land_id = AND verein_id =
> wouldnt be executed.

How do you know that it is not executed? Is this query executed with
normal driver (type4 or type2, but not embedded)? Does it work from
Delphi when using embedded server?

> There is no error or Exception, it only return
> at this point without any Result or Message!

What do you mean "Without any Result"? Is result set null or empty? If
it is empty, are you sure that it should contain results? How does
type 4 or type 2 driver behave?

> Why is this so?? And: WHY IS THERE NO DOCUMENTATION???
> Is it SO difficult to write a little Documentation or make 1 or two
> working examples public?

a) there are examples. RC2 package contains two examples
( and in examples/

b) "a little Documentation" can be found in release_notes.html
and in docs/*.html.

c) "a big Documentation" is not yet written due to a couple of

- JayBird is JDBC driver, there's nothing really specific about it.
All specification deviation is documented in release notes and in
JDBC 2.0 conformance document. For rest of the stuff (JDBC, JCA,
JTA, etc.) appropriate documentation can be found on Sun website.

- Firebird-specific classes are documented with Javadoc and
generated documentation is included in the distribution.

- "Getting Started", "API Guide", etc. are not yet written. If you
have desire to either pay JayBird team to write this documentation
or to write it yourself, you're welcome.

If some aspects are not covered, please share your opinion or even
documentation/examples with us.

> I love Firebird, I use it with Delphi, Java and sometimes PHP But
> there is less support!

There is reasonably good free support in Firebird-Java and
Firebird-Support lists. And you can always order payed support from
different companies, like IBPhoenix, H-K, etc. I'm not sure if they
provide hotline support on the weekend, but I suspect if you give them
enough money, you'll get it.