Subject Re: Updateable Result Sets ???
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> On the home page of JayBird [1] in section "Specifications" the
> following is listed:
> -----8<---------------------------------------------
> - JDBC 2.1 - support for arrays, BLOBs, batch updates, additional
> metadata, scrollable result sets, updatable result sets,
> modification of concurrency for specific statement/result set,
> mapping of Java objects into SQL data types.
> -----8<---------------------------------------------
> Exspecially there is "updatable result sets" listed ?
> Is this really implemented? Will it be?

No, that's a mistake. I meant positioned updates through cursor, I
will check how this mistake could have happened.

They (updatable result sets) can be implemented for a limited set of
cases by constructing appropriate UPDATE statement with RDB$DB_KEY in
WHERE clause (and query rewriting, of course). I do not view this
feature worth the efforts needed, but I will be happy to include this
feature if somebody else implements it. Also, if server provides a way
to either obtain RDB$DB_KEY without need to rewrite original query,
implementing the feature would be almost trivial task.

Sorry for confusion.

Roman Rokytskyy