Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Embedded Server
Author Marco Parmeggiani
In data Wed, 21 Apr 2004 15:35:07 +0300, hai scritto:

> Marco, we are _selling_ this applications for more than 8 months and we
> havn't a single complaing about anything database related.
> That's what I do
> application is installed into
> c:\Program Files\Application - this becomes user.dir when launching app
> there I put
> database.fdb
> fbembedded.dll
> jaybird.dll
> msvcp60.dll /only if instalation procedure detects win98se or win98me/
> launcher.exe

here's the difference. i put all dlls in a subdirectory and i set the
java.library.path to that directory....
let's try to put all in the jar directory and set the java.library.path to
"." ....
yep. it works.
there must be someting beyond my understanding in this mechanism...

it works also without setting the library.path but i'm sure that this
happens only on my developing system and not on production system... i must
have some variable setted somewhere.

well, by the way, this is a good news for me.
thanks Niki