Subject Re: Problem with JayBird?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I tried to upgrade my site ( with the latest
> version of:
> Firebird 1.5.0
> JayBird JDK 1.4 Beta 3
> I'm using JOnAS 3.1 (a bit old).
> After I upgrade with above components the Firebird database
> always crashed. The Firebird database was not reachable after
> some accesses through my application. I need to restart the
> Firebird *or* restart the JOnAS container to solve this problem.
> JOnAS throws "GDS Exception. 335544726".

This exception comes from server and has something to do with the
server change. I will check what does it mean.

> Using the old JDBC driver InterServer/InterClient with the same
> database (Firebird 1.5.0) solved the problem (no crash anymore).

Strange... Can you post here complete stack trace from that exception?

> So I thought the problem could be:
> 1. JOnAS container (maybe I should upgrade to 3.3.6 - I'll
> do this asap).
> 2. Or maybe the JDBC driver JayBird? Because it works well
> with the old InterServer/InterClient.
> Does someone have the same experience?
> Another questions:
> 1. Is there any way to turn on Logging in JayBird, so I
> can see where the problem is?

Define system property -DFBLog4J=true on JVM startup. It will then
use your log4j configuration.

> 2. Is there any way to get a compiled version of the newest
> Jaybird from CVS? I tried to compile the Jaybird version
> from CVS but failed because it seems it uses JBoss to be
> compiled and I cannot find any hints about where to put
> the JBoss files?

build.xml fetches them itself during build process. Just ensure that
you do not have thirdparty/ directory in client-java directory. Then
it should work.