Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Embedded Server
Author Marco Parmeggiani
In data Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:23:04 -0000, hai scritto:

> Thank you, It was already a big help, but I've another question:
> I must Copy the Embedded Server binaries and the jaybird.dll in the
> bin-dir of my JRE?
> Can I Change this that I can use my application-dir for the binaries?
> Because it's easier to deploy.

it's a known feature/limitation.
what i've understood is this and i may be wrong:
you execute your app using java.exe.
java driver loads its jni bridge dll. this dll is searched in the current
directory of the java app (where the jar resides) and in canonical places
defined by the system.
this bridge dll needs dlls for the embedded server.
these dlls are searched from the current directory of the application
that's executing (it's java.exe not your jar, so it searches in the
java.exe dir) and in canonical places defined by the system.
it seems to me that java.exe it's enough intelligent to search dlls also in
the jar directory but this intelligence it's not present in the jni dll
i dont' know if the jni bridge could be written with this intelligence