Subject Re: Embedded Server
Author nagypapi
Yes there is, and it works! :) At least on my w98_se machine

Download Jaybird 1.5 driver
for jdk 1.4
or for jdk 1.3
(I tested it with 1.4)

Download the jaybird library
Under win:
Or under linux:
(I tested it under win)

Download the embedded server:
for windows:
or for linux:
Hmmm... No luck there it seems

Now what I did to make it work
I copied to java folder from <jre home> to somewhere else (because I'm
using the 1.0 firebeird server and 1.01 jaybird too), let's call it
<new jre>
copy the files needed from jaybird1.5 archive to the <new jre>/lib/ext
then copy the files of the embedded server AND jaybird.dll to the <new

Specify the full path to your database like
(drive: if under win)
run your program with the <new jre>/bin/java.exe
And it seems to work for me, but I have hardly used it

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> Hello
> Is There an Embedded Server for Java?
> Thank you