Subject Re: Unnecessary padding to Strings read
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> We have had some problems storing strings with diacritic characters
> in interbase database using firebird driver v1.5 on JBoss 320
> environment on Redhat Linux Adverserver server 3.0. We saved the
> data prepending _UNICODE_FSS to strings.

What do you mean by prepending? Something like this:

stmt.setString(1, "_UNICODE_FSS" + myStr);

Where did you get such idea?

> When we later displayed
> them in the browser, the strings displayed garbage.

Please read our FAQ about using national characters.

> When then
> removed _UNICODE_FSS and used the parameter lc_ctype=UNICODE_FSS
> while connecting to the database.
> That didn't change anything.
> Can somebody help me with this issue?

Can you create example code that will show exactly what you did
(including database creation script)?