Subject Re: Firebird-Java on Windows
Author sbnspindler
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > I have problems using JayBird and FireBird 1.5 on Windows.
> > My Java Application opens a database, creates tables and makes
> > about 10000 inserts every minute. But the size of the database
> > doesn't increase, even after 2 hours. It seems, as if the data
> > records would only be written to disk when the database is closed.
> > If I run the same Application on Linux, the size of the database
> > file increase with every insert.
> > Are there any properties I have to set on the Windows System to
> > force the writes to disk ?
> Seems that this is more question to Firebird-Support group than to
> Firebird-Java. You'd better ask there.
> First of all, check that forced writes are set to true (some time
> it was false by default). Also, check if data are flushed to disk
> after commit (do a commit and the kill the application, so that
> connection is not cleanly closed, then check if your data are
> Roman

The forced writes is set on for the database when i check it with
But the size of the database file doesn't grow by the inserts. It
stays the same from its creation.
When I kill the application, the data are in the database and the
size of the database file increase immediately, also when I close the
last connection to the database.