Subject Re: Firebird-Java on Windows
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have problems using JayBird and FireBird 1.5 on Windows.
> My Java Application opens a database, creates tables and makes
> about 10000 inserts every minute. But the size of the database file
> doesn't increase, even after 2 hours. It seems, as if the data
> records would only be written to disk when the database is closed.
> If I run the same Application on Linux, the size of the database
> file increase with every insert.
> Are there any properties I have to set on the Windows System to
> force the writes to disk ?

Seems that this is more question to Firebird-Support group than to
Firebird-Java. You'd better ask there.

First of all, check that forced writes are set to true (some time ago
it was false by default). Also, check if data are flushed to disk
after commit (do a commit and the kill the application, so that
connection is not cleanly closed, then check if your data are there).