Subject Re: JayBird & Embeeded
Author andrezasvo
Now, I get jaybird.dll file in
use_mirror=belnet and I put there.
So ... i'm getting the same error.
Do you have any example or tutorial about it?

This is my code:
private String databaseURL
= "jdbc:firebirdsql:embedded:/teste/teste.fib";

public testePosgresDAO() {
try {
connection = DriverManager.getConnection(databaseURL,
"sysdba", "masterkey");
* fbembedded.dll and jaybird.dll are in the same directory (system32).
But it isn't registred in the Windows reg file.


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<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > I get
> > Do you have other tips about this error?
> > fbembedded.dll works on system32 directory?
> jaybird.dll is also there?