Subject Re: Problem with jbird?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> This error happend in a query where the users query string exceeded
> the length of the corresponding varchar field, so im to blame here,
> sorry for the noise.
> I just think that the "operation was cancelled" message made me
> overlook that the error was instead releated to a data truncation.

I think I will remove op_cancel from the list of "fatal" exceptions...

> So bottom line is, the real bug thats left is the NullPointer in
> GDS_Impl in the JCA-JDBC driver!!
> Is this a registered bug, do I need to register it somewhere ?
> Should I try to contact David on this? This really is a showstopper
> for using the driver..

Try to contact David, I'm not sure if I can find and fix it.