Subject Re: Embedded and UDF path problem
Author mapofe
Hi Ryan, sorry if I unearth this old post :), but yes it would be
great if we were not obligated to put the fbembed.dll in the JVM's
root (or the contrary)!

--- In, "Ryan Baldwin"
<ryan.baldwin@n...> wrote:
> Hi Damien,
> >But it would be nice and simple if we could configure an UDF path in
> >firebird.conf. I don't know if firebird.conf is used by embedded
> >version.
> I will look into this issue a little more. As far as I'm aware
> does load firebird.conf - I believe I have seen
> the cache page settings have the expected effect - but the RootDir
> did not have the effect I expected.
> I will have a dig through the code too find out how fbembed.dll
searches for
> these dll's and therefore what options we do
> have too tell it where too look.
> Ryan