Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] help: error in database
Author Rick Fincher
Hi Beth,

Interbase 6.0 was the original product Borland made open source. Firebird
is a development of Interbase 6 with many bugs fixed. Borland developed
non-open source versions of Interbase (6.5 and 7.0).

Interserver is a program that runs on the Interbase or Firebird server that
acts as an interface to programs interacting with the database.

Interclient is a JDBC driver that allows Java programs to use the database
through Interserver. It was made open source at the 6.0 release, but
Borland has newer versions for Interbase 6.5 and 7 that are commercial

This forum is for JayBird, a JDBC driver for Firebird that works directly
with the database without going through Interserver.

JayBird was designed for Firebird, but some users have reported that it
works OK with interbase 6.0.

What version of Interbase are you using?

If you are using the open source version 6, it is strongly recommended that
you upgrade to Firebird.

The open source version of Interclient has not been updated, so it is
strongly recomended that you upgrade to JayBird.

Most users find that they can just drop the firebirdsql-full.jar into
CATALINA_HOME/common/lib of Tomcat and change the URL's for logging into the
database to the JayBird version instead of interclient and run unchanged.

Some people that have work arounds for some of the bugs in Interclient in
their JSP's may have to remove them to get the proper results in existing

OS shouldn't matter.

What you should do:

1. Since you are running under Windows, remove Interclient and Interserver
from your system.

2. Download and install Firebird from Sourceforge. If you want it to boot
up with the database server running,
be sure to indicate in the installer that you want the service to start
automatically. Otherwise you have to start
the service manually in the Windows XP services manager.

If you are just starting with databases and Tomcat, use version Firebird
1.5. It has just been released. If you
have lots of old databases you may have some problems, particularly with
old dialect 1 and 2 databases, so
you may want to use Firebird 1.0.2 under those circumstances.

3. Download JayBird (The Type 4 JDBC driver) from the Firebird section of

4. Since you are running Tomcat put firebirdsql-full.jar into

5. In Tomcat and your web apps (JSP files) and in the XML configuration
files associated with them,
replace the Interclient references with Jaybird references like:

There is a FAQ included with the JayBird distribution that has extensive
documentation on using
JayBird with Tomcat, both directly from JSP's and with DataSources.

If you have problems after that, many folks on this list use Tomcat with
Jaybird and will be happy to help get you going.

The Tomcat section of the FAQ actually has a couple of entire web apps that
you can cut and paste to demonstrate how to use Firebird with Tomcat (or
other app server).

These web apps will create a database, create tables, put some data in the
tables, read data from the database and display it in a browser screen.

Hope this helps,


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> Hello everyone,
> I'm a newbie here. I tried using the interbase database in my web
application but then i got an error. Basically, I just run the
interserver.exe and use a tomcat webserver to run my application. When I
run my application an error appears in the console which says: SQLException
= [interclient] Installed versions of Interclient and Interserver use
incompatible client/server protocol versions.
> I'm using a Win XP OS. Does an OS matter? What should I do? Can you give
me any idea on how to run my application without an error. Thanks and more
> beth