Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] jaybird source code
Author Rick Fincher
This is from item 13 in the FAQ:

13- How do I get sources from SourceForge using CVS?

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CVS is a source code control system for managing access to, and
synchronizing source code in a project that is being developed by multiple
programmers. A full explanation of CVS is beyond the scope of this document,
but information is available at

To get the project containing the source from SourceForge, install CVS on
your system and use it to download the module named "client-Java". The user
name is "anonymous". CVSROOT is
:pserver:anonymous@...:client-Java The server is If you have secure shell capability and a SourceForge
account use ":ext:" instead of ":pserver:", then type in your password when

If you use a GUI based CVS tool like WinCVS or TortoiseCVS on Windows, be
sure that you also have your system set up to run CVS from the command line.

This is necessary because the newest version of JayBird uses libraries from
the JBoss project to avoid licensing issues related to distributing some
libraries from Sun. The Ant build scripts use command line CVS to check out
the code needed from the JBoss project.

Tortoise is another good Windows based CVS tool.

Once you install these tools and download the source, you should be able to
go into the client-Java folder (wherever you had CVS put it) and type
"build" from the command line to build JayBird.

There is a file in the client-Java directory called "build.bat" for Windows
systems and one called "" for Unix systems. Under certain UNIX
shells you will have to type "" from the command line, the csh under
Solaris, for example.

Tortoise CVS for Windows Users:
There is a very easy CVS program for Windows users called TortoiseCVS.

If you have access to a Windows box and don't want to learn CVS, this is an
easy way to get the daily updates.

NOTE: because the build scripts use the command line version of CVS to
download other projects, you need to also download WinCVS from SourceForge
and install it before you can do a build.

You can get it at Once you install it on your windows
box you can download a CVS project by simply right clicking in a Windows
Explorer subdirectory window and selecting CVS checkout.

A window will appear. Under module type in: client-java
Under server type:
Under repository directory type: /cvsroot/firebird
Under username type: anonymous

Click OK and a window will appear and show the files being downloaded. A
folder called client-java is created for the files.

Install WinCVS or another command line version of CVS.

It is a short download and has an installer so it is very easy to install
under windows.

After installing you should be able to open a command prompt window and type
cvs <return> and see an error from CVS.

If you try to build without command line CVS there will be an error. If you
then install command line CVS and try a build, it will still fail unless you
go into the client-java folder and delete the folder called thirdparty.

The thirdparty folder is where all the external stuff is. If it exists build
will think everything is there, even though it isn't because command line
CVS failed.

To build the release, double click the build.bat file in the client-java
directory that is created.

Depending on the load on the SourceForge server, it might take several
minutes to download the files.

Subsequent updates only download the changed files so things go quicker.

A window will open and show the build but will automatically close when the
build is done. If you want to see the progress of the build (recommended)
open a command prompt window cd to the client-java directory and type
"build" and hit return.

After the build is done you can scroll through the output messages in the

To get to the jar files you need go into ...\client-java\output\lib.

With TortoiseCVS installed, the client-java directory icon looks like a
fuzzy green file folder. To get a new daily build, right click on the folder
and select CVS update.

If a particular build doesn't work properly, you can right click and select
CVS... to get a popup menu, select update special to bring up a calendar.
Pick the date that the code last worked for you and TortoiseCVS will roll
back your code to the daily build for that day.

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