Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] server crash in multi thread ,connection table creation
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I spawn 20 threads simultaneously. In each thread I got FB
> (Super server , 1.5.1 release version) db server connection through
> driver manager. In each thread I kept creating table (30 in each
> thread) in autocommit false.
> I am not sure whether is this an issue or expected behaviour. If
> I am wrong kindly clarify me. And I feel issue will be firebird DB.
> SoI have forwarded the issue to both java and support forums. I
> have uploded my test program in firebird -java --> File.

Even I believe that server should not crash under any circumstances,
metadata changes in the database should happen in exclusive mode, i.e. one
connection to a database, one transaction per connection, if possible -

Personally I doubt that creating and dropping 30 tables with 20
simultaneously running clients is a normal program execution even for
scalability test. You' better execute all DDLs before starting threads.