Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Help in win98
Author Francisco Antonio Vieira Souza
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>>Hello, just answering your request:
>>telnet 3050
>>Both executed with success!
>Do you have a security manager installed in your appication? What does your
>policy file says?
>As a test you can write small application that tries to connect to that
>server from Java using sockets, or even using the class. For
>example it can be something like:
> myUrl = new"");
>InputStream in = myUrl.openStream();
>It will either deliver you some bad data or even throw an exception.
>However, if you are allowed to connect to that machine from Java, the
>message will be different you get from JayBird. This code must be executed
>in the same JVM as your JDBC driver.
No, I dont have any security manager installed in my application
(actually it is a very simple application bu very usefull).

Let me ask the question in other terms.

What are the procedures to write java code with Jaybird JDBC to allow
the application work in a net work?
What usually id done ??
Could you or anybody tell me or send any example of code?
I just want to check if I am doing something wrong in my codification.