Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Native OpenOffice database driver forFirebird (SDBC)
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> - It would not rely on Java, which might better suite to, say, some
> Linux distros.
> Yes, you *could* write an SDBC driver in Java, but experience
> shows that this would have certain disadvantages, if it's really
> only a pure Java driver. So, you would probably write an SDBC
> driver in C++.
> [1]

I suspected that and I buy this argument. Though you're in the wrong mailing
list in this case - we're talking here about Java, not C++. :)

> - It would be able to work around certain quirks in Firebird more
> easily.
> There's definately no offense intended against Firebird. It's
> simply a matter of fact that accessing *any* database via JDBC
> (or ODBC or ADO, for that matter) in OOo has the potential of
> losing some perculiarities of the target database, since OOo
> tries to be as generic as possible then. A dedicated "Firebird
> only" driver could be made to work with Firebird explicitly,
> without need to care for the least common denominator of a lot
> of other databases, too.

Also a good argument, but first we should have a list of what quirks should
be addressed. Before having the list it makes little sense to say "we go a
different way". Personally I think that any standard is usually better than
no standard at all. :)

> - Yes, SDBC drivers are normally shipped with There
> are also mechanisms to deploy them into existing installations, but
> if they have production quality at the moment OOo is shipped, why
> not include them?

Ok, now the "smallest" part - you need somebody to do the job. And since C++
is preferred, you should look for developers in some other place. Just a
tip - try to find a developer of some existing OOo SDBC driver, it might be
easier to refactor/adapt existing code to work with Firebird then to write
the one from the scratch.


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