Subject Re: Unsuccessful metadata update - Solution
Author iliyakrapchatov
Thanx a lot for your reply.

I read both topic you've mentioned and FAQ. The problem of my example
do was consisted in the IBConsole opened to the same server.
But the point is that I want to use driver's connection pooling
future. So I can't provide the exclusive connection in a real

Is there some workaround for this case (connection pooling and
foreign key making/changing at the same time)?

Thanks in advance,

--- In, karthick srini <kartinku@y...>
> Hi ,
> Firebird by default , when there are more connection
> to DB it won't allow to create FK. While running your
> java program you would have kept open isql prompt.
> While Java VM has opened connection it would have been
> the second one and caused the problem.
> I have discussed this much in firebird-support and in
> firebird-architect forums. Search those forums with
> the subject title "multi connection" for more details.
> Even this is documented in FAQ of
> (Documentation --> FAQ)
> This is nothing to do with jaybird driver. It is
> firebird DB related issue.