Subject Re: Problem with Win2000, Firebir 1.5 and driver 1.5.4 with Blob...
Author phil_hhn
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > This is rather strange because we can run some code when we're not
> > even touching records that contain blobs. We haven't selected any
> > records containing blobs.
> Hmmm... I remember there was similar issue some time ago, but I
think that
> bug was already fixed. Are you able to provide a test case that at least
> under some conditions reproduces this problem? There it was related
to the
> multi-threaded access to the same connection object.

It is good (in a way) that this problem seems familiar! ;-) The
fbserver version we have is - could this problem be fixed
in 1.5.1?

Unfortunately we created a simple database with just the 2 tables
mentioned, but could not reproduce the problem. So we assume that it's
with a more complex structure that the JDBC has problems. This is also
assuming that the data has not got corrupted (assuming there are no
internal Firebird overruns, etc) or something similar. This problem
occurs on our system with a freshly created database with freshly
inserted data.

Although our full-blown database is much more complex than the snippet
I attached earlier, the code we are running is the same as described,
i.e all we are doing is updating the VisualSearch table when the error

> If you are not selecting any record with the BLOB fields, then
something is
> mixed inside driver, so it thinks that some field is blob and
interprets its
> data as BLOB data.

Hmmm.... any way of getting an internal trace of what the driver is
doing that may show if this is happening?

> Thanks!
> Roman