Subject Re: hungarian characters in connection string
Author nagypapi
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > OS: WinXP
> > FBServer 1.5.1 - embedded
> > JDBC: 1.5.4
> >
> > I am connecting to an embedded database where the db file is in a
> > directory which has hungarian characters (c:\program files\válami)
> > I connect using
> > DriverManager.getConnection(sqlurl+dbase+"?
> > lc_ctype=UNICODE_FSS",user,pass)
> > where sqlurl and dbase are java String variables
> >
> > Connecting this whay gives me an I/O error for file createfile (open)
> >
> > If I change the dir name to something without hungarian chars
> > (c:\program files\valami) it works perfectly
> >
> > I tried searching in the faq but couldn't find anything related to

> > Could you help me?
> JayBird JDBC driver in this case "sends" content in the UTF-8
encoding to
> the server (in your case it passes it to the embedded server library). I
> suspect that the library does not "understand" UTF-8. Try using some
> WINXXXX or ISOXXXX encoding (I think WIN1252 should be sufficient for
> "á"). Also ask in the Firebird-Support list, it might be limitation of
> Firebird.

I am not sure what (more specificly where) you meant by using some
other encoding. Can I change the encoding of a String class in java?
(like new String(dbaseurlinbytes[],"ISO-8859-2)? -> that didn't work))

But i tried hardcoding the dbase url

Still didn't work
Forwarded it to the support list