Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Native OpenOffice database driver forFirebird (SDBC)
Author KamiHír

Roman Rokytskyy írta:

> Hi,
>> This message has posted on developer newsgroup... What is your
>> opinion?
> I do not know the UNO API, so please allow stupid questions here:
> - what would be the implementation language (Java, C++)?

from the webpage (

UNO (Universal Network Objects) is the interface-based component model
of UNO offers interoperability between different
programming languages, different object models, different machine
architectures and different processes; either in a local network or even
via the internet. UNO components can be implemented in and accessed from
any programming language for which a UNO language binding exists.

Currently there are complete UNO language bindings for:

* C
* C++ (compiler dependent, please see
for a list of supported platforms)
* Java
* Python

> - what is the advantage of SDBC implementation compared to accessing
DB over

Built in support for database. You doesn't need external module.
The SDBC Driver allows to use the database from without
any wrapper layer such as odbc or jdbc.

> - what features do you miss in JDBC component that would be available
> through SDBC?

I don't know anything about new features. But I don't have knowedge
about component modells. But from Frank Schönheit:
Additionally, SDBC (more precise: its extensions SDBCX and SDB) provide
additional features which are not present in JDBC, or were not present
at the time SDBC was invented.

Please contact with Frank (Frank.Schoenheit*nospam*Sun.COM)
*nospam* means @

or you may write to users@... (project's users mailing list)

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