Subject Re: SQL Query -> DataTruncation Exception
Author hgoettig
Hi all

>>Yes, that is probably an issue of a lazy programmer that does

Thanx for calling me lazy. No offense. I am *smiling* :-)

I can follow the argument on both sides of the fences, but:

In my particular case, I am searching on three different sized fields
with the same search phrase. So, it kinda feels like I have to use
a "lowest common denominator" approach here (the one with the lowest
size), because if I don't the driver throws an exception in my face.
So, if "searchphrase" matches a value in a field with a larger size
than the lowest size, say 10, bad luck for me..

I tend to go for solving the problem where it is: Firebird database.

Finally.. I agree with Roman, that the Driver (Jaybird, could be any)
is an adapter for the database, that proxies calls and *adapts*
programming specific structures to database specific structures and
no more than that.

However...Until a solution is there for Firebird and thus the driver,
I will deal with the minimum size (10) for my search phrase in my
application. As suggested.