Subject Re: Stored Procedures
Author pcam_again
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> Hi,
> > The documentation / FAQ seem to indicate this is not supported
> >
> > Also if it is not supported yet around about how long until it
> > be supported ?
> We do not fully support escaped syntax for procedure calls (output
> parameters are not supported). However if you use native Firebird
> syntax, stored procedures are fully supported.
> Native Firebird syntax:
> EXECUTE PROCEDURE proc_name(?, ?, ?, ...) for executable procedures;
> SELECT * FROM proc_name(?, ?, ...) for selectable procedures.

Thanks for your reply.

Can you please give an example, with the procedure meta data
and the syntax.

I have tried both types and syntax and can not get it to work.
It can't get it to recognize the procedure parameters.


Phill Cameron