Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: JDBC
Author Nickolay Samofatov
Hello, Roman,

> Nickolay,

>> I can send you the Firebird 1.6 binary with SCROLLABLE_CURSORS enabled
>> for testing. I have no idea how it performs and if it is deadlock
>> prone, but you can test it. I may try to stabilize this feature if you
>> create JDBC scrollable cursors layer and add testcases for it.

> Can you tell me how do I build engine with SCROLLABLE_CURSORS? How do
> I enable this define in our autogen environment?

Add -DSCROLLABLE_CURSORS in appropriate prefix file or define it in some
global include file (such as firebird.h) on Win32.

> Thanks!
> Roman

Nickolay Samofatov