Subject Re: JayBird 1.0.1 ready to be released
Author issujh

Sorry I have not tried this sooner, I have just got back of hols

I have just tried it and it indeed stopped throwing the "you cannot
read new blob" exception... Thankyou very much!

The site will be up for a bit mild bashing this afternoon (!) and
will let you know of any problems.

A big thanks again.

Jonathan Handford

--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have prepared maintenance release of JayBird. It has not yet
> released via, but was uploaded it into "Files" section of
> group ( We would like to ask you to check
> version before it is released officially.
> Fixed bugs:
> - Blob with ID 0 do not cause "you cannot read new blob" exception
> anymore;
> - PreparedStatement.setBytes(int, byte[]) will not corrupt data
> depending on locale.
> New features:
> - Positioned updates.
> We would be very grateful if you can check your current applications
> with new version, especially those who experienced above mentioned
> problems.
> Looking forward for your comments.
> On behalf of JayBird team,
> Roman Rokytskyy