Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Closing ResultSet
Author Natal Vande Casteele

> Hi,
> > CachedRowSet did indeed provide an easy solution. I can confirm that
> > it
> > works with JayBird. :-)
> These are quite good news.
> I know a CachedRowSet implementation is not provided within Sun's JDK.
> I've been looking for any available implementation but I don't know
> which could be the best choice. Any suggestions?
> Thank you in advance.

The one from Sun was supposedly available for download at one time but I
failed to locate it.

I've tested 2 third party implementations -- both seem to work exactly
the same.

One from Oracle: OracleCachedRowSet -- it doesn't require an Oracle
database but does require the Oracle JDBC jar file. You need both and ojdbc14.jar.

An open source project called jxutil: XDisconnectedRowSet -- only
requires one jar file, jxRowSet-0.8a.jar.

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