Subject Re: Closing ResultSet
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I can confirm this. We use the latest release version of JayBird
> (1.0.0) and with the built-in connection pooling, we can release the
> statement and connection, yet still keep using the ResultSet (which is
> a handy 'feature', even though it seems non-compliant). A switch to
> DBCP connection pooling releases the ResultSet at the moment the
> statement or connection is released.

Thanks, I will fix this in upcoming release (1.0.1).

> Unfortunately, our code is written the same way as Lopez's code --
> i.e. all statements are closed in a finally block and the resultset is
> returned from the procedure to be used afterwards, so a switch to DBCP
> would require a rather major rewrite. :-/ Maybe ValueObject might
> provide an easier solution in our case.

Sorry to say, but you would need to modify your code, since I'm going
to fix the issue in 1.0.1.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy