Subject Re: Strange initial startup behavior
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> needs about 75 (!) seconds on a 180MB File. The Harddrive is working
> heavy during this time.
> I removed the code because I don't need it really, and now the 75
> seconds are needed later. Seems that firebird needs to scan the
> complete file .
> Whats going on there ? It's only the first time after booting. Once
> you have done it, it's done in less than a second.
> On top of firebird for linux it only takes about 4 seconds. ( same
> machine on same gdb-file on same fat32 Partition )
> But thats no solution for my Win32-Application-problem :( .
> Any ideas how 2 avoid this initial startup procedure/file scan ?

I suspect that this has nothing to do with the Java code, but with the
database server or OS. My first guess would be that your operating
system is filling up the cache.

Another guess is that something is allocating memory in JVM and OS is
swaping (but I think you'd have alredy notice that in task manager).
Also try to run some Java application that is not related to the
Firebird (or even the same application with DB server running on the
other machine). Maybe these 75 seconds are related to the JVM startup
and not to the database itself.

Also try to ask the same question in Firebird-Support group
(, most database gurus
are there.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy