Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: MD5 in VARCHAR
Author Robert DiFalco
Damn. That must be the problem, the character set I use for the
connection is UNICODE_FSS. Does Firebird not allow a table to have one
VARCHAR column using one character set and another column using another
character set? If it does allow this, how can this be handled with JDBC
if the connection character set must match the column character set?


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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: MD5 in VARCHAR

> Is there a character set I can use to store an MD5 into a VARCHAR? I
> tried CHARACTER SET NONE and NCHAR but these do not seem to work.
> I'd rather not BASE64Encode it if at all possible. Not sure if this
> is a driver issue or a data definition problem on my part. Here's
> the exceptions I get when I try to write the value:

What is the character set you specify for connection? If it is
different than NONE, you will get transliteration errors.

Can you provide a test case, so I can quickly check why driver
complains on data truncation in first example?


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