Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Can't destroy managed connection with active transaction
Author Rick Fincher
Hi Robert,

Delete the directory called "thirdparty" and try again. It gets created in
the compile process and it is used as a key to see if the third party stuff
has downloaded.

You are probably better off sorting this out so that you can try multiple
iterations of your changes without outside help.

If you really get stuck, I can mail you the thirdparty directory. Once you
get a good version of it, compiles work even if downloading updates for the
third party stuff fails. It just uses the old versions.


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> > There is probably something wrong with the current state of your
> > connection, but the driver is losing track of the original exception
> > because another exception occurred when cleaning up after the first
> > exception.
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> > Do you have the source code? The easiest to get the exception would be
> > to add a ge.printStackTrace(System.out) to the checkFatal function
> > indicated below. The original exception will probably explain what is
> > going on.
> It's kind of weird that it tries to check stuff out of CVS when I build
> Shouldn't it be using something like maven to do things like that, rather
> than just ant?
> The CVS checkout failed, but ANT doesn't want to retry it, even though the
> files are not there. How can I fix this?
> Alternatively, could someone build me a firebirdsql.jar with the suggested
> modification?
> Thanks,
> Robert Munro