Subject Re: Please implement a default Catalog
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Please implement a default Catalog in Jaybird or else my development
> tools will shown ".my_table"

Firebird does not support catalogs, so implementing something like
catalog in JayBird might cause problems that I hardly can foresee.

Can you check your tools with other databases that do not support
catalogs and schemas? It seems that your tool incorrectly handles
supportCatalogsXXXX methods (if all these methods return false,
catalogs are not supported). It is still not clear to me if we should
throw exception in some catalog-related methods, I will check the JDBC
conformance suite, maybe something can be found there.

Also I'm afraid that even if JayBird will return you "default_catalog"
as the name of the catalog (which is easy to implement), all your
generated SQL will be incorrect, because then you will get names like
"default_catalog.my_table" and Firebird server will not understand it.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy