Subject Re: comment on blob select in JB1.0.0
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> ..and even more difficult than in earlier releases because now
> parameteres are put in Clumpets and can be accessed only via pointers
> like 'isc_dpb_socket_buffer_size' and I have no idea in which class
> this parameter is assigned. I really need your help.

Sorry... I checked CVS, and there were no version where send and
receive buffer can be specified separately. This should have been one
of the versions we used to find the problem and it never was committed. :(

Do you really need different values of send and receive buffers? I
thought that having them the same does not make any difference, at
least that's what my experience tells me. And
isc_dpb_socket_buffer_size can be easily specified in JDBC URL (any of
DPB params can be specified in such way):


(note, you can ommit "isc_dpb_" prefix).

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy