Subject Re: Binaries available for trying fbembed.dll from your java app on win32.
Author ryanb486

These binaries have rough edges when it comes to the locations from
which various dll's are loaded. The method described in the
readme.txt works under some circumstances but I have run into
problems under others.

If there are problems with this the most likley cause is that dll's
either are not being loaded at all 'intl.dll' for example or they
are being loaded from the wrong location.

Moving the firebird directory tree into the programs working
directory may solve this. I dont currently understand exactly what
rules are being followed to load these dll's - but when I have and
explanation and/or something better then I will let you guys know.


--- In, "Ryan Baldwin"
<ryan.baldwin@n...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have uploaded to
Java/files/ a file
> called which contains
binaries for
> the jaybird driver modifications allowing java apps to use
fbembed.dll on
> win32.
> These are JDK 1.4 only purley because this is the JDK I used to
compile the
> code - I can make binaries available for 1.3 if anyone would like
> The zip file contains a 'readme.txt' explaining how to use the
> modifications. Please read this fully.
> I have made these binaries available purly for people to
experiment with
> using the fbembeded.dll from java as a temporary messure until
these mods
> are intergrated with the main code.
> Thanks
> Ryan