Subject Re: instalation
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> hi, I'm having problems wtih Firebird configurations to work with Java
> files. When I try to run the Java program, occurs this error:
> interbase.interclient.ConnectionException. What's wrong? Anybody can
> help me????

Have you installed InterServer (the server part of InterClient that
should run on the same machine as Firebird database server)? Have you
checked Communication Diagnostics?

Also, I would suggest you to replace InterClient with Firebird
JCA-JDBC driver (JayBird). There's two good reasons:

1. Installation of JayBird is much more simpler, since it talks
server's native protocol and does not require server-side component
like InterServer.

2. InterClient is not developed and supported by Firebird team. Latest
version 2.01 is ~3 years old. Borland has released InterClient 2.5 and
3.0, but they are not free and can be obtained with InterBase 6.5 or 7.0.

If you decide to switch to JayBird, you have two options of getting

a) check them out directly from SourceForge's CVS. This is quite easy
task. Making this procedure once you can have up-to-date sources with
all recent bug fixes.

b) take a pre-compiled version from SourceForge.

Personally I would recommend you to use option a) till official
release of JayBird (latest binary release is RC3), and we are very
close to the final version, actually no new bugs were reported for a
long time, so current CVS version can be considered as stable.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy