Subject Re: Type 2 Driver Modifications - They are faster honestly.
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I have seen that the XNET protocol aims to solve this problem.

Yes, it was clearly stated in firebird-devel list that we will have
XNET protocol in FB 1.5. Also we will have embedded version of FB 1.5,
so I think this should be our target.

> I see now that I have a few phases of modifications I would like to
> propose - these being:
> 1) The original set of changes that intergrate ngds with the driver.
> These lead to very few modifications of code above of the gds
> package.

David, do you think we can apply them before release?

> 2) An extension to this set of changes which makes it possible the
> implement the java XSQLDA object as a peer for the actual native
> XSQLDA structure using java.nio.ByteBuffer to write/read directly
> to/from the underlying XSQLDA structure that is supplied to the
> interbase c api.

We also need a JDK 1.3 compatible version. How are you going to solve
this issue?

> 3) Further modifications above gds which allow the direct ByteBuffer
> method to work as efficently. eg. Having statement fetcher not fetch
> fetchsize of rows but rather fetch size gets passed to the client
> library and each call causes a fetch in the
> underlying api - the out_xsqlda of which is used (pretty
> much)directly by the ResultSet.getXXX methods to read
> straight from the XSQLDA structure - eliminating much copying that
> occurs.

Same as above.