Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Problem-Jaybird-Java- Blob Reading
Author Selvinraj Chinnapatel
Thank you very much for your reply and I can read the .doc as well as .JPG files that are stored inside the firebird database as a blob fields by changes on blob fields reading pattern now.



Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
> I am facing some problem while reading the document that is stored
> inside the blob field. I can retrieve and stored the document (word
> document) in my local machine from remote database. But I couldn't
> open the word document and it is giving the Microsoft word Err =
> 1025 when I try to open it. Can you give valuable comments on this?
> but some time, i can retrieve the word docs which is smaller.

I do not know what Err = 1025 means. Can you also post Java code that
reads data from the blob?

Also I would suggest you to create a test where you store word
document in a database, read it back and compare binary content of
the original document and one retrieved from the database.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy

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