Subject Re: jaybird-firebird connection under windows 98
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> the faq of jaybird for using jaybird with windows 98 tells me to
> upgrade winsock to winsock 2.0. But microsoft tells me not to use the
> upgrade with windows 98. who can help me with that.

Bug in FAQ. It should be Windows 95. AFAIK, Win98 has already winsock
2.0. Winsock 2.0 is not installed in win98 if you upgrade win95 to
win98 and following applications are installed:

Cisco/TGV -TCP/IP Suite 100
Novell -NetWare Gateway
WRQ -Reflections
NetManage -Chameleon 5.01 and 6.01
Microsoft Proxy -Winsock Proxy Client
FTP Software -All Win95 TCP/IP related products

> The connection on a windows 98 se won't work.

What problems do you have?

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy