Subject Re: Failure on PreparedStatement
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I'm getting a failure on a prepared statement. It seems that even
> if I am doing something wrong that it shouldn't fail in this way
> (i.e. IllegalStateException).
> Here's a small unit test:

Can you post your complete code with database schema here (or send me
by email)? You have run into error that is believed to be critical
for current transaction and then for some reasons driver could not
end that transaction.

However, I would like to see what kind of problem you have and what
had happened to driver. Also ensure that you can recreate this
problem using latest version of JayBird (since neither RC4 nor
release was made so far, you have to build driver yourself - its
easy). Also include version of your databse server in your post
(including build number, 3-digit number at the end of a version).