Subject Re: various errors during night tests
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> An update about my night tests:
> tonight i had this:
> GDS Exception. deadlock
> Error Code: 335544336
> SQL State: null

Deadlock most likely is not caused by a bug in the driver, but a bug
in your tests. However it is hard to tell why, because I need test
that reproduces the bug. Can you create one?

> executing a stored procedure that updates a single row.
> reexecuting, from ibexpert, the same procedure with same parameters
> without restarting anything, was succesful...
> in my java app the workflow is approximately this:
> accept a tcp connection
> log in the database the request made (insert a row)
> insert a row in another table after some processing (not db
> processing) update the inserted row after some processing (not db
> processing) say goodbye close the tcp connection

If you use concurrent transactions in this case, you can run into the

> yesterday i had errors making the "log" insert.
> tonight i had errors making the update.
> i forget to mention that i made query in autocommit mode.

What transaction isolation do you use?

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy