Subject Re: jsp and InterClient
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I am trying to connect jsp pages to InterBase database using
> InterClient JDBC. It seams to me that internet resources are very
> reach when it comes to examples of how to make a connection between
> jsp and any other database (Oracle, MySQL,...) but when it comes to
> InterBase or Firebird (which in my opinion will be very similar if
> not the same) examples are not there at all. I hope that some of
> the folks here would be able to help me. What I am looking for is
> an example of jsp page that uses connection string to display data
> from InterBase or Firebird database.

Should be the same. I cannot give you an example of JSP, but
connection string in case of InterClient would be:


Also note, that InterClient is free only up to version 2.01. Higher
versions are bundled with InterBase and you must pay for them.
Firebird project develops its own JCA-JDBC driver called JayBird, and
this yahoo group is support group for this driver. InterClient is not
supported by Firebird project.

If you decide to switch to JayBird, here are some hints:

a) latest release candidate you can download it from

b) code in CVS contains some bug fixes, so if know how to use CVS and
Ant, you can build it easily yourself (and even you do not know how
to use CVS and Ant, it is very easy to learn this)

c) for standalone usage you need in classpath firebirdsql.jar, mini-
j2ee.jar, mini-concurrent.jar or firebirdsql-full.jar (available only
in CVS version)

d) connection URL is jdbc:firebirdsql://server/path/to/my.gdb

e) driver has release notes document and FAQ that are worth reading

f) if you have any questions, just post them here

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy