Subject Re: Problem getting ResultSet from a Stored Procedure...
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I have this stored procedures that returns the marital
> status: It should return 4 lines.
> ....
> Then, I'll calling it from a JavaBean:
> ...
> cs = conn.prepareCall("{call D_E_NIT_ESTA_CIVIL_L}");
> cs.execute();
> rst = (ResultSet) cs.getResultSet();
> ...
> It doens't thrown any error but instead of return the
> four line contained at the database, it just print the
> first line of the ResultSet.

Yes. {call myProcedure} is translated into EXECUTE PROCEDURE
myProcedure, and this statement returns excactly one row. We are not
able to find out whether your procedure returns result set or not.

So, solution to your situation would be:

Statement s = conn.createStatement();
rst = s.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM D_E_NIT_ESTA_CIVIL_L()");

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy