Subject Re: SQL Scripts
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Is is really this hard to do DDL with Java?

For now - yes. After release I will integrate my script runner with
FBManager. Strictly speaking script execution is not a task for the
driver (can you execute DDL script with ODBC?), but a component
sitting on top of the driver. Till now all forces were devoted to get
driver ready. After release we can start adding non-driver code.

> Surely then the best
> advice would be to use isql to run scripts...

In general, executing DDL script in Java is quite rare task. Usually
Java people use persistence frameworks that handle DDL automagically.
Brute force approach of executing SQL statements should be used only
in applications where either very high speed of execution is needed
(and even Hibernate's 10% tradeoff is not allowed) or entity model is
very simple, so there is no need in persistence framework (but in
this case DDL is simple too).

Anyway, I have an SQL script runner, and I will integrate it after

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy