Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] SQL Scripts
Author Robert DiFalco
Thanks Rick, but I'm not sure this answers my question. Do I have to parse the SQL DDL script file and process the lines myself or is there a call I can use to execute the script and handle the parsing and comments correctly?


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Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] SQL Scripts

Hi Robert,

You can use fbManager to create the database. After that you can use sql
calls to do the rest. This is from FAQ #33:

You can use the methods in FBManager in the package to easily create a new database in your programs.
After creation you can connect to the database and use the standard SQL
calls to create tables and populate them.

This is an example:

String DB_SERVER_URL = "localhost";
int DB_SERVER_PORT = 3050;
String DB_PATH = "c:/database";
String DB_NAME = "test.gdb";
String DB_USER = "sysdba";
String DB_PASSWORD = "masterkey";



fbManager.createDatabase(DB_PATH + "/" + DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD);


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> I searched the archives and heard that one cannot execute SQL
> Scripts (e.g. createdb.sql) such as those created by IB Expert to
> create a database schema using the JayBird JDBC driver. Is this
> correct?
> If it is, do I have to write my own SQL script parser or is there
> one already available for use with JayBird/Firebird?
> Tia,
> Robert

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