Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] FBManagedConnection forgetting physical connections
Author Bart Van Cutsem
> This looks like a bug.

Really :-)

> 1. You can probably work around it by using jboss 3.0.7 (cvs) or 3.2RC3 and
> setting the track-connections-by-tx flag true. This will make jboss keep
> track of which connection is associated with a transaction so it won't be
> asking firebird for another connection for the same xid.

I'm puzzled. track-connections-by-tx ? I checked out a jboss src that claims
to be 3.0.7RC1 but didn't find anything that looks like this flags. Maybe have
to go for 3.2.0RC3?

> 2. My understanding of the xa spec is that drivers are supposed to be able
> to run work on any tx on any connection. However, aside from the
> workaround in JayBird that is giving you problems, I have not yet found a
> driver that allows you to do this. Does anyone have an explanation of this?

Haven't seen the XA spec yet nor the JCA spec. I have a feeling they might
tell me more about transaction handling in JBoss and how that fits in to the
Jaybird connector.

> 3. The idle remover is to a large extent an attempt to remove timed out
> connections. I'm not sure about the current state of firebird, but it used
> to more or less silently drop old connections, leading to problems if you
> tried to use them later. Thus dropping old connections and recreating new
> up to the min size.

I figured it was something like that, but it looks to me there might be
smarter ways to do this. It depends on what you want to achieve off course (I
hear you, code submissions are welcome -- read my next remark).

> 4. Would you possibly have something to demonstrate this problem you could
> send?

I might be able to produce something basic that exhibits the same problem but
time is not on my side. Could take a little time.